6-pack Organic Cotton Tank Tops – White

DKK 700

Tank Tops from Umbrella Underwear

Wash- and logolabel have been printed in the neck.

Wash it multiple times at high temperatures without any change of shape.

100% organic cotton

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    Organic Cotton Tank Tops from Umbrella Underwear in a classic and timeless white design with a superb fit. This tank top has good comfort and is made of 100% organic cotton which ensures that the skin is kept dry and breathable. These Organic Cotton Tank Tops is what characterizes Umbrella Underwear – Classic functional design with a perfect fit that is extremly durable. The high quality ensures that the tank top does not lose its fit or color in the wash. Can be washed at high temperature.

    We all want clothes that feel nicer on the skin. Organic cotton is often softer because of the way that it’s picked. Machine picking, the typical way of traditional cotton, deteriorates the cotton fibers, weakening them, and breaking them up. On the other hand, the organic cotton The Basics uses is hand-picked, which means that it retains it’s long-form, making it feel softer on your skin, and better looking (always important, huh). Aside from that, organic cotton is chemical free, and hypoallergenic. Nobody wants nasty chemicals, or allergens on their clothes

    With organic cotton clothing, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for environmental and social benefits. Organic cotton is a strong and resilient material. To process it, strong chemicals that weaken the fibers are not used.

    Your organic clothing will last longer, be more durable, and will look great too. You don’t have to sacrifice style to go organic.

    But is organic cotton really better than traditional cotton? If you ask us! YES IT IS! – Check out our other products with organic cotton or bamboo.

    Tank Tops made of 100% organic cotton

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