5-pack Organic Boxers – White

DKK 350

Organic Boxers are tights for men made of 100% Organic premium cotton. The high quality composition along with elastane makes this product great for every man, every moment and every body type. Perfect fit, that last for multiple washing.

Great value for money in this 5-pack deal.
In this package you will get 5 White underpants.

The fabric is nice and soft.

95% Organic Cotton 5% elastane

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Underpants is something we all use in our daily life, so why not only buy the best? At The-Basics web shop we just recently designed and produced a new model of” green” underwear. The boxers are designed so we can offer a basic product which is sustainable, breathable and in a very high quality. And we kept the price down. We offer cheap underpants which for the price still is much better than many of our competitors. Our underpants are designed with a simplicity that makes them perfect for everyday use, for work, training or traveling. Organic Cotton boxer from our own brand Umbrella Underwear is made so you can have cheap underpants in a high quality.


It is no secret that our top priority is to create a pair of boxershorts that stays with you. Quality is our motivation, and we are always striving to improve. We believe the ultimate underpants are forged in balance between comfort, durability, and a nice design. With our experience we have now created gentleman boxers that lives up to this. Furthermore, the materials and organic cotton ensures that we keep up with the latest sustainable production methods and materials. No matter if you need tights for weekdays or the weekend. 


Boxers from the basics can only be bought in a very selected design. Our tights in organic cotton is made in black & white for now. The design is made based on the assumption that the products needs to basic with focus on maximum comfort and quality, and most important a good price. You can buy our underpants in small, medium, large, Extra-large and XXL. By having a small selection of products, we can make that the underwear we do offer is thought through.


We have tested the durability of our underpants and it is our great honor to present our boxers as something over the ordinary.  Most people are used to underpants only lasting for a short period of time before they are replaced. The durability of our underwear is eminent, and it means for you that you will get a pair of organic trunks out of this world. You can wash our organic tights many times at the temperature you usually use. They will keep color and fit. That way you will have a good pair of underpants for a very long time. 


Our boxershorts in organic cotton have been tested up to several times. It is important for us that the quality is top notch. We have created a product that can be used on all occasions, whether it is as training clothes, travel clothes or everyday clothes, then trunks from Umbrella Underwear can always be used. The simple design and the light feeling make them extremely ideal to exercise in, or to have a pair of tight-fitting habit pants in addition


Our mission is not to sell you a pair of organic underpants from Umbrella. No. Our mission is to make you never buy any other. Even though we have a small assortment then the truth that often less is more. Your wardrobe will not know the difference but you sure you will save money on underpants. We hope you will join us on this journey and that when you have tried these organic underpants you never will go back to boring and poor-quality trunks. Feel the difference and enjoy the comfort. 


In addition to cotton boxershorts, we also offer men’s boxershorts in bamboo, these are available in black colors and the quality is not to be mistaken. We have meticulous attention to the smallest details and the finished result lives up to our expectations of quality, comfort, sustainability and not least a cheap price. In fact, you can get one of our organic bamboo boxershorts in a 5-pack on offer for only DKK 350. – then there is no excuse for not having to update the wardrobe.

We hope you enjoy our boxershorts! We will at least do our part so that you will not choose anything else afterwards!

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