5-pack Bamboo tights – Black

DKK 350

Tights for men made of bamboo and organic cotton combined with 5% elastane makes this product great for everyday use. They last for multiple washing.

Great value for money in this 5-pack deal.

The fabric is nice and soft.

65% bamboo 30% organic cotton 5% elastane

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We guess you wear boxershorts every single day. We also guess that the preferences for boxershorts may not be the greatest. Still, we are sure you have at some point felt an irritation, maybe the fit has teased, maybe the comfort is not as it should be, or maybe you have had irritated skin?

We are ready with a solution! Bamboo boxershorts for men. Our boxershorts are produced in the finest bamboo. We have had a strong focus on the style, comfort and not least the fit should be absolutely perfect.

When it comes to wearing new tights, most people agree that one thing is important! That comfort is top notch. We have used the experience from the textile industry to develop a pair of men’s boxershorts that meet the requirement for comfort. When you wear our bamboo boxershorts, you notice the difference, there is not a single annoying detail, not something that tightens unnecessarily, and then they are even both sustainable and breathable. These bamboo boxershorts address most needs. They sit tight, they maintain the fit, they are light and breathable and then they are completely basic and soft. The result is created with 65% bamboo and 30% organic cotton! For The Basics, it is just important to also focus on our planet. The sustainable element has therefore been in focus, but without compromising on quality and price.


Our Umbrella Underwear boxers are incredibly durable. They are made of materials that make them extremely suitable for several different purposes, whether you are going to the office in the habit pants, running a trip or traveling around the world, our bamboo boxershorts are perfect for you. It is important to us that our bamboo boxershorts feel comfortable to wear, therefore they are designed so that they can be used actively. If you can run and train in them, then you can also sit in the office. They do not crawl up and then bamboo has some absolutely amazing properties. Our bamboo boxershorts are naturally breathable and conduct moisture away from the skin. It allows moisture to evaporate into air quickly which also means that it prevents odor nuisance. In addition, bamboo fabric is lighter and silkier soft than, for example, cotton is. The Basics thus offer something a little beyond the normal boxer shorts.


Our bamboo boxershorts and our boxershorts in organic cotton have been tested up to several times. It is important for us that the quality is top notch. We have created a product that can be used on all occasions, whether it is as training clothes, travel clothes or everyday clothes, then trunks from Umbrella Underwear can always be used. The simple design and the light feeling make them extremely ideal to exercise in, or to have a pair of tight-fitting habit pants in addition.


As you have been able to read, our boxershorts for men are not like regular cotton boxershorts. Bamboo boxershorts from Umbrella Underwear focus on elegance, quality, comfort, and design. You can quickly get the feeling that these bamboo boxershorts are getting very expensive, but that’s not the case at all!In fact, we offer our bamboo boxer shorts at a cheap price. If you buy one pair, the price is DKK 119, but you can buy them on offer. Then you get a 5-pack for DKK 350! YES you heard right! 5-pack bamboo men’s boxershorts for DKK 350. – that is only DKK 70. per. couple!Would you like to read more about bamboo boxershorts then sign up for our newsletter or check out our blog here.


In addition to bamboo boxershorts, we also offer men’s boxershorts in organic cotton, these are available in white and black colors and the quality is not to be mistaken. We have meticulous attention to the smallest details and the finished result lives up to our expectations of quality, comfort, sustainability and not least a cheap price. In fact, you can get one of our organic cotton boxershorts in a 5-pack on offer for only DKK 300. – then there is no excuse for not having to update the wardrobe.We hope you enjoyed our bamboo boxershorts! We will at least do our part so that you will not choose anything else afterwards!

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