3-pack Bamboo T-Shirt – Black

DKK 350

Bamboo T-shirts for men from Umbrella Underwear – Black

65% bamboo, 30% organic cotton and 5% elastane.

High quality and a perfect fit.

This tee is perfect for everyday use. You can use it underneath your shirt or as a regular t-shirt.

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Now you can get our popular bamboo t-shirts in a delicious 3-pack for only DKK 350. Our bamboo t-shirts are perfect for you who want a minimalist t-shirt with a good slim fit. It is neither tight nor stiff in it, but instead soft and light. It highlights the good sides of the man’s upper body and is particularly suitable for everyday use, either alone or under a shirt, as training clothes for the run, or as a travel t-shirt. Our bamboo t-shirts can be washed countless times, it retains both the black color and the good fit.

Our T-shirt has a round neck, we at The Basics have chosen to produce a model. This is to be able to maintain focus on those we dream of. Bamboo t-shirts that exceed our customers’ expectations. The design is in a classic, minimalist design in a timeless color.


For us at The Basics, the purpose is to create clothes that can be used in an active everyday life. That is why we created our bamboo t-shirts. With extensive experience from the textile industry and a super collaboration with the factory, it has been possible not only to create a bamboo t-shirt of superior quality, but also a t-shirt in sustainable materials that is both breathable, light and extremely durable. With a light and elegant look in a basic black color, you get a t-shirt that you do not have to change after using it quite a few times.

In addition to this, our men’s t-shirts are also made so that they do not need to be ironed. An iron-free t-shirt makes everyday life easier.


Black bamboo t-shirts for men from Umbrella Underwear in a classic and timeless design with an excellent fit. This T-shirt has good comfort bamboo material ensures that the skin is kept dry and breathable. This t-shirt is what characterizes Umbrella Underwear – Classic functional design with a perfect fit that is extremely durable. The high quality ensures that the t-shirt does not lose its fit or color in the sink.

The material is sustainable, it consists of 65% bamboo and 30% organic cotton

Should you want to try our bamboo t-shirts, you will now get 3 for EUR 47€, you will want to try a little of everything, so check out this package. Here you can try all our bamboo products also at a cheap price.


At The Basics you get free shipping when you buy a minimum of 40€. This means you can get your bamboo t-shirts for EUR 47€ incl. delivery. Should the size end up being wrong or are you unexpectedly just not happy with the product then we are helpful in finding a solution.

When exchanging products, we offer, for example, a free right of return. If the cancellation is canceled, the return shipping will be deducted.

Common is that it is valid for 100 days! So there is plenty of opportunity to try out his new bamboo t-shirts. You will not regret your purchase.

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