3-pack Bamboo Tank Top – Black

DKK 330

Bamboo tank top from Umbrella Underwear – Black

65% bamboo, 30% organic cotton and 5% elastane.

High quality and a perfect fit.

This tank top is perfect for everyday use. You can use it underneath your shirt or as a regular tank top.

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Most people associate tank tops with sun and summer, but in fact one can wear a tank top all year round. For example, a tank top is great as a training shirt. Tank tops provide freedom and good ventilation. In summer, of course, tank tops are also ideal as they provide more air, you get the opportunity to get some sun on your arms and avoid stupid sweat stains.


Bamboo tank tops for men are just a product that reflects our mission here at The Basics. We have created a product that in the eyes of many may be a relic of the past, where it was smart to show off the pale arms. But in fact, a tank top from The Basics is much more than that! Most people associate a tank top with sports, where the tank top is mainly used for basketball, but in fact it is extremely useful for all kinds of sports, or if you just want to enjoy a cold beer in the sun.

A bamboo tank top from Umbrella Underwear offers much more than a regular tank top. It is light and breathable. At the same time, we have taken all the best from our popular t-shirts and put them in the tank top, so that the quality is top notch. The black tank top retains its color and fit even after being washed countless times. Bamboo fibers are great for creating ventilation for your body. Here you get an tank top that is sweat-transporting, which means it reduces odor and sweat, which also means that it does not bother the skin in the same way as a cotton tank top, for example, will do.


Bamboo tank tops from The Basics are suitable for use all year round. Their design is light and minimalist, which means that in the summer they are delicious to wear even in 30-degree heat. In winter, they work perfectly as a tank top under the rest of the clothes, because several layers are the best way to stay warm when it is cold.

The rest of the year where we in Denmark have a changeable each, yes there they are also good. For example, inside a shirt. By wearing a bamboo tank top under the shirt, you protect your skin and at the same time wear less on your shirt.

The Umbrella Underwear men’s tank top is therefore very flexible. As mentioned, the design is completely basic. We have created a basic tank top, it is available in black in sizes small, medium, large and xtra large.


The goal is to create the best bamboo clothing. We have therefore in close cooperation ensured that our tank top is of a very high quality, the fit is so that it fits snugly without looking tight, the durability is top notch, it can withstand washing and then it is sustainable. What more could you ask for? Maybe a good offer?

Right now you can get our tank top for men at a good cheap price. By buying a package of 3 pcs. for DKK 330, you get an offer that to that extent gives rise to shopping. At The Basics, we want to provide our customers with the best service. So therefore you get free shipping on purchases over DKK 299

Then there is no excuse for not trying on a bamboo tank top from Umbrella Underwear

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