We are not saying we sell the best boxershorts to men, but we believe we do! At The Basics, we only sell our own brand Umbrella Underwear! This means that there are no expensive middlemen who are in direct contact with the production and therefore we can proudly say that we sell the perhaps best boxershorts for men. Our designs are designed with an eye for the minimalist, it must be basic and then it must be comfortable. The range consists of bamboo boxershorts and boxershorts in organic cotton. The colors of bamboo boxershorts are black and organic cotton is available in black and white.

It’s no secret that our highest priority is to create a pair of boxershorts that stays in the wardrobe. Quality is our motivation, we pursue the perfect that we believe is created in a combination of comfort, durability and sleek design. With extensive experience in textiles, we have now produced men’s boxers that live up to these requirements. Materials in bamboo and organic cotton also ensure that we adhere to the sustainable element! It is important for The Basics that we focus on the well-being of the planet.

Our suppliers have extensive experience in the production of underwear and in collaboration with them we can now offer boxer shorts for men who do not need to be changed as often as you are used to.


Boxers from The Basics are currently available in a very limited selection. Our bamboo tights are available in the color black. The design is made based on it must be basic goods with a focus on comfort, quality and not least a good price. We offer the black boxershorts in the sizes small, medium, large and xtra large. By having a small assortment, we have had the opportunity to make sure that what The Basics offers is the absolute best in men’s boxershorts. 

We have tested their durability and can with great satisfaction say that our boxers can do something out of the ordinary. Most people have gradually gotten used to the fact that the cotton boxershorts last for a while and that they then need to be replaced. The durability of ours is eminent and it means to you that you get a pair of bamboo trunks that are both comfortable and durable. You can wash our bamboo boxershorts countless times at the temperature you usually wash underwear in. They retain the color and fit and ensure that you have boxershorts that are delicious that sit well on the body and last for a really long time.


Our mission is not to get you to buy a pair of boxershorts from Umbrella Underwear, our mission is to make you not to buy boxershorts other than those from Umbrella Underwear!

Although our range is not larger, the simplicity is enough in itself to give your wardrobe a fresh breath of minimalism and sleek design. Now you can get boxer shorts in bamboo and in organic cotton for cheap money. Not only that, the quality is on par with far more expensive brands! Because as we have mentioned, quality is our highest priority. Boxershorts for men must be durable, durable, breathable, sustainable and not least light and comfortable. With us, you get the feeling of freedom when you wear boxershorts from The Basics. If you need a good offer, look in our offer category, where you have the opportunity to get cheap boxershorts. Maybe you are looking for other great deals, take a look.

We hope you will join our journey, we hope that once you have tried our boxershorts that you will never return to the old boring cotton boxershorts. Feel the difference and enjoy the comfort.