Bamboo socks from Umbrella Underwear are both soft, durable, and delicious. The socks are knitted in delicious soft bamboo fibers together with a nylon thread, which ensures reinforcement of the toe and heel and with an elastic thread that provides a good stretch and makes the sock stay in shape even after many washes.

The bamboo socks consist of 80% bamboo and unlike most other bamboo socks on the market, these socks are put in a double-cylinder knitting machine. This means that the socks are more robust and comfortable than socks from a single cylinder machine.

The toe closes automatically with a non-irritating seam and the elastic is made so that it does not tighten around the leg.


Bamboo socks for men are of high quality, they are soft, sustainable, and not least durable. They are perfect for traveling in, for training, or for an everyday life in an enclosed shoe.
Here are some good arguments for why you should choose our men’s bamboo socks:

  1. Bamboo fibers have small holes that ensure good ventilation for your foot.
  2. Men’s bamboo socks in extra durable material
    Bamboo socks without the sticky fibers, which ensures soft socks for men.
  3. The colors are persistent, which means that the black socks keep their color, even after many washes.
  4. Allergy friendly, bamboo is without chemicals and therefore great for people with allergies.


At The Basics, it is important to offer basic items at good prices, therefore you can get our bamboo socks on offer in a package of 12 pairs. Here you get black bamboo socks that last a long time, are breathable and can be used for fitness, every day or travel. At the same time, you get enough to give a friend or family member a package.

You can test yourself, if you give someone you know a package with our bamboo socks, then you can be sure they will ask where they were bought, and they will probably not use other socks in the future. Bamboo socks for men are the perfect gift for the man who has everything. At the same time, he will discover what bamboo can do for the skin, and that is a gift.

Who would not want silk-like socks? At the same time avoiding sweating or freezing on the feet. These are just some of the bamboo socks they can offer.

For you or your friend, it also means that the toes will breathe better and thus you avoid sour toes in everyday life, or at least almost. Bamboo is antibacterial and this means that you get fewer sour toes in everyday life as the bacteria do not multiply as easily as in other socks.


The Basics bamboo socks are very suitable for training due to their breathable material. You can use them as running socks where they are the perfect footwear for a healthier climate in your shoes. Men’s socks from Umbrella Underwear are available in one color. It is important to us that the quality is in order, therefore we only offer black bamboo socks for men. Basics products are our identity, it allows us to offer the best products to you.