At The Basics we want to give you the best deal! There is no such thing as the feeling that you have made a good deal, or that you have got what you are missing and a little more. The Basics wants to give all their customers the opportunity to buy on sale all year round. That is why we have introduced package offers in which you can buy our products in packages of 3, 5 or 12 pieces, depending on whether it is t-shirts, tank tops, boxershorts, or socks. What should be your next purchase? And should it be a product on offer? Look under our category offers and see if you can find your next purchase for cheap money.


Who says quantity cannot also be quality! At The Basics you can get a lot of items on offer. All our basic goods are sold in packages. So you can buy more and save more. Cheap boxershorts, or t-shirts, or something completely third. No matter what category you are looking for, we can help with a hall that says quality and good prices in one and the same sentence. If you pay a little extra, then you get a lot extra! Are you not in need of more, but just want a new cheap t-shirt in bamboo? Well, do not hesitate to buy our 3-pack for cheaper money. You can give the 2 others away as a gift. Maybe you have one you like who also only wears a new t-shirt, or a pair of new boxer shorts? At the same time you get your product at a cheaper price. The quality is it together! Delicious, soft, comfortable, and not least durable!


When you buy our products, you can choose between bamboo or organic cotton, all our products are available on offer at a sharp price. The quality is still high. But what to choose? Well, if you choose, for example, our 5-pack bamboo boxershorts for men for DKK 350, then there is also organic cotton in. It consists of 65% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. This is an offer to deal with!

Our selection focuses on high quality and delicious comfort. Our brand Umbrella Underwear is produced so you can get all the best at a cheap price. That is why we at The Basics offer packages that will help you as a customer feel that you get a lot for your money. Our selection in Bamboo consists of boxer shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and socks. Our selection of organic cotton consists of tights and tank tops! Several products are available in white or black. All underwear for men.


Why wait to buy your offer? Are you not standing straight and missing 12 pairs of socks in bamboo? Or 5 pairs of boxershorts in organic cotton? Turn on now anyway, suddenly, the offer is over, and you will not get the sale.

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