Organic Cotton


Underwear in organic cotton. The Basics has a wide selection of organic cotton underwear. We offer boxershorts and tank tops in resp. 100% and 95% cotton, in addition to this, there is organic cotton in all our bamboo products. The Basics underwear in organic cotton is from the brand Umbrella Underwear, which is our own brand. Umbrella Underwear is created to be able to offer our customers a delicious product for cheap money.


Boxer shorts and tank tops with a perfect fit even after many washes. The Umbrella Underwear logo is woven into the elastic edge and the quality can be compared to some much more expensive alternatives. Our focus is high quality for cheap money, therefore offering offers on several of our products. Our low prices and high quality are only possible because we do not use an intermediary. Our products are delivered directly from the factory to our warehouse in Kolding – for you, this means that the quality remains high without increasing prices. Umbrella Underwear tights are for you who appreciate high quality and a perfect fit. The tank top is for you who want 100% organic cotton.

Boxer shorts in organic cotton are available in 2 different colors, white and black. At The Basics, we have placed emphasis on delivering basic products to you. By not having to focus on fashion and changing trends, we can stay focused on what matters! The quality and comfort. We are constantly developing our products in organic cotton and bamboo to ensure that customers get the best experiences. Whether you need tights for everyday life, t-shirts for training, or other clothes for the trip, we hope that you will choose our clothes in either organic cotton or bamboo.


Organic cotton is grown without chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and genetically modified (GM) organisms. This means that the soil is kept fertile and clean, allowing for biodiversity, and thriving agriculture. Organic cotton draws on tradition, innovation, and scientific methods of growing crops rather than using chemicals that harm the ecosystem, including the population.

There are many good reasons why organic cotton becomes the obvious choice, especially for children’s and underwear. One of the reasons is that people have more knowledge about how badly inorganic clothing affects our skin. When the skin is in contact with residues of spray and toxic dyes, there are allergies, rashes and breathing problems.

In addition, there is a suspicion that the toxic sprays can cause endocrine disruption and carcinogenicity. Therefore, we should not expose our skin to inorganic substances.


Cotton is a big culprit when it comes to pesticides. In fact, such a big culprit that the WHO has calculated that at least one million people are admitted each year with acute pesticide poisoning, here approx. 20,000 people every year. It is especially in developing countries that the problem is big. That is why it is important to choose organic.


Well, it just means that you get a product that is good for the environment and good for you and your skin. You can go to work, go out and travel, or exercise a lot with a clear conscience, and without skin irritation.

If you want to know more about organic cotton or bamboo, which is another sustainable fabric, check out