The Basics offers bamboo underwear, here we have a wide range that includes t-shirts, tank tops, boxershorts and socks. Our brand is called Umbrella Underwear. Umbrella Underwear is underwear for men who want good quality for cheap money.

For us, it is important to be able to create an assortment that is comfortable, breathable and sustainable. We take pride in selecting the most delicious bamboo fibers and our partners are carefully selected so that we can offer the most delicious clothes for men.

Our bamboo underwear is the result of extensive experience in the production of textiles and the ambition to create a product for cheap money. You can e.g. buy our black bamboo boxershorts in a 5-pack for DKK 350 – this is an offer to feel. As bamboo underwear is such a delicious quality, it is also perfect as travelwear or training clothes.


To begin with, it is extremely soft. For many people, cotton is the obvious choice when it comes to choosing underwear! It is soft, breathable and has good ventilation. We want to do better! We want you to choose bamboo!

The bamboo fiber is naturally breathable and conducts moisture away from the skin, just like cotton. It allows moisture to evaporate into air quickly. In addition, bamboo fabric is lighter and silkier soft than cotton.

The reasons for choosing bamboo underwear are endless. From its eco-friendly function to the incredible softness. Everyone should try bamboo underwear!


We only sell our own brand so we can make it as cheap as possible for you to buy our products. You can read more about our first brand under this or on the website: Umbrella Underwear – You can find all our products here at The Basics shop.

We try to make our designs so that the Umbrella Underwear products are suitable for everyday use and all other events. The quality is fantastic in all our products and it is possible to wash the products at high temperatures and dry them in the dryer. They will keep the fit for a really long time.

We offer a series of bamboo products for men. Durable T-shirts, tank tops, boxershorts and socks in high quality at cheap prices. If you have ideas for what we could offer that we do not already have in our shop, you are welcome to contact us with your ideas


Bamboo underwear not only comes with lots of delicious benefits like moisture absorption and breathability, it also looks great! Besides that, it is sustainable!

Soft and comfortable – Have it comfortable all day long, whether you are sleeping, exercising, or working. Uncomfortable and clothes that do not fit well are the worst: Materials that itch can be so annoying and really ruin one’s day. Bamboo does the opposite; You will feel great and comfortable.

If you are not ready for bamboo underwear, do not be afraid, at The Basics we also offer clothes in organic cotton. It is important to us that all our products are in high quality and in sustainable materials, therefore our range right now consists exclusively of bamboo and organic cotton. If you want to see more of our clothes in organic cotton, click here.