The Basics - About us


The Basics is a danish company with our HQ in Kolding. Behind this company is a man whos been working in the textiles industry for decades. With the experience in the business and a open minded thinking The Basics was created. 
So why The Basics? The danish people tend to love basic outfits. So why not make it really comfortable? Why not creat high quality at affordable prices? With the knowledge in the textile business the answers was clear! The trend is durable and sustainable. The answers is Bamboo.

The Basics have the vision to become your supplier of comftorable underwear. 

Our mission: To create durable and sustainable underwear in high quality to affordable prices. 

We want to make the everyday clothes as great as possible. Therefore we have a great partnership with factories in the far east. In that way there is no need for middelmen which for you means that we can produce and deliver really fast and still optain a great quality.

At The Basics we offer bamboo tights, t-shirts, tank tops and socks. We love materials and strive to collaborate with brands as well as factories that share the same passion for fiber and yarn and the comfort they can give us all. We hope you are eager to share our love of materials and we strive to use our knowledge and experience to create wonderful products at a reasonable price for you. It is equally important to us that man and nature involved in the manufacture of our products benefit from what we do.

We love to share our thoughts and ideas and we would be thrilled if you would like to share yours with us.

We believe in what we do and strive to be so conscientious in what we do. However, we are well aware that we do not have all the answers, so we are grateful for any comments or suggestions that you are interested in sharing with us.

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